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PainRx Neural Pain Assessment Providing a patient centered approach to treating pain

What makes us unique?

Our approach is highly Patient Centered. Each and every patient’s problem is different.  Rather than fitting the patient to a diagnosis or treatment algorithm, the evaluation is tailored to help successfully evaluate and treat each patient's pain.

Initial in-person consultations often last three to four hours with the patient.

Telemedicine consults provide review of clinical history and treatments with explanations you can understand.

Most of our patients experience difficult, chronic and complicated problems that require highly personalized evaluation and treatment.  


" I have never had an examination like that, even though I have been treated for back pain by allot of other doctors over the past 10 years."

"My wife and I really appreciated the amount of time he (Dr. Glick) took to explain what he thought was causing my pain and why the treatment he suggested was best"

"Of all the doctors I have seen, Dr. Glick took the most amount of time, and gave me the most thorough exam"

In order to effectively treat pain, there are several important key things to remember

Pain is not a disease, it is a symptom

Pain is often the first indicator that something may be wrong

Listen to what our patients have said: